From Passion to Execution

Passion without self-discipline will not amount to much. You can be the most passionate person in the world but if you do not apply yourself it will come to nothing. Execution is crucial. Because, the truth is that if you are doing what you love it will take work. It will take sacrifice and you will make mistakes. You must take the risk, the risk that you might fail at what you love. But first you have to begin.

Commit to your passion. Set up a system that works for you, that helps you to reach your full potential. Here are a three tips to get you started:

1. Commit to a time line and write it down. If you set a deadline this will force you to make an action plan. And writing it down makes it more real.

2. Block off time every week. Put it in your calendar. Switch off your electronic devices and your wifi. Dedicate the time to your passion. Make it a weekly commitment.

3. Have a accountability buddy. Ask a friend to keep you accountable. For example, if your passion is writing, commit to emailing your friend a few pages every month or if your passion is art, commit to sending a picture of your progress.

The important thing is that you are taking smalls steps towards execution and you are doing so despite the risks involved. Live your passion. If you procrastinate, if you hesitate, you will have missed something essential to who you are. You will have missed an enriching and rewarding experience and those around you will have lost the opportunity to share in what you can offer the world.

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